Think motorization is too expensive? Guess again!

We can work with you to get the motorized window treatments you want that fits within your budget!

Technology makes new advances every day. So many things in life are smart nowadays, including phones, TVs, and cars. Why should your window treatments be left behind? Motorization has many benefits and is available with today’s most popular window coverings. Let our team at Blinds Plus Designs share all that motorization has to offer with you!

Increased Energy Efficiency

More than ever before, it’s essential to make decisions that are good for our environment. With motorized shades, you can set schedules for your window coverings to close at midday in the summer to keep your home cooler and open at noon in the winter to allow more natural light inside. This can reduce the amount of energy your home uses and lower your utility costs over time.


We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a little more convenience in their everyday lives. Automatic shades take the comfort of your home to the next level. You can easily open and close your shades using a remote, your mobile device, and even your voice. Even the most hard-to-reach windows are no problem with electric shades. They can be easily integrated into any home as motorized shades don’t require hard wiring. Automated window coverings also increase your privacy. You can shut the shades in your bathroom or bedroom before you enter the room. Another perk of motorization is the ability to set your shades to open when the sun rises. It’s much more relaxing to wake up to natural light than to the jarring sound of an alarm.


Custom window shades are gorgeous on their own, but when you remove unsightly cords from the picture, their style increases substantially. Cordless blinds and shades are also much safer for homes with children and pets. 

Peace of Mind

Intruders and burglars are more likely to avoid houses when they believe the owners are there. Automation allows you to operate your window coverings from anywhere in the world via an app. You can open and close your shades according to your usual schedule or switch it up to give the impression you have a house sitter. You can also take comfort in knowing your precious interior items are protected from damaging UV rays from the sun. The same rays that harm our skin can also fade and discolor your furniture, floor coverings, and artwork.

Alta® Options

Alta® Automation systems make motorized shades for everyone and every home. BLISS™ Automation by Alta® offers a no fuss Wi-Fi setup of the BLISS™ Bridge. The bridge allows you to use your mobile device or smart home system to operate your shades or drapes. The magnetic charging kit means no more annoying charger ports, and state of the art lithium batteries last up to 500 up/down cycles on a single charge.

Do you place a premium on silence while at home? We certainly do, and Somfy® Automation delivers more of it with Sonesse motors. The ultra-quiet motor operates with precision and reliability every time. The all-new TaHoma® Bridge seamlessly integrates with your home’s current smart devices to allow full control from a handheld remote or an app. 

At Blinds Plus Designs, we have built a reputation for premium products and exceptional customer service. We would love to help you make motorized shades part of your home. We offer blinds, shutters, shades, and drapery options so you can bring the convenience of automation to every room in your home. Contact us by phone at (714) 386-6526 to schedule your free consultation.

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